Sunseeker: This is a 2008 60’ Manhattan motor yacht. There was extensive damage to the swim platform area. This platform is hydraulic to lower a tender into the water. The boat was new and the repair needed to be perfect. We also completed this job under a severe time issue, and we finished the job within four days.


Malibu: This is a 2000 Malibu tournament ski boat. To see this boat up close, one would think it is a new boat. The owners, both composite structural engineers, were very concerned that the boat be repaired with the structural integrity intact, and the finish to appear new. They were both extremely pleased with the work Cabo Marine performed.


Calypso: This boat is a late 70’s model that has had a tough life. She was used as a shuttle boat for a family who has property in the San Juan Islands. The owner wanted to repair this boat, as it originally belonged to a favored uncle. The transom was water-soaked, the two pontoons were fractured on the bottom of the boat, and both pontoons were in rough shape, due to beaching the boat. The interior was in rough shape as well. This is one of those jobs that does not make a lot of financial sense, as the cost of repairs will often exceed the value of the boat. Factor in an emotional attachment, and our pledge to our customer to keep the cost reasonable, and the owner now has a “brand new” 70’s crab hauler.


Sea Doo: Cabo Marine took over this project after the owner attempted doing his own repairs. The front of the boat had a large hole in it from striking a rock (the rock won that battle). Cabo agreed to assume the repairs, and immediately found that the resin the owner had used had not catalyzed. This made the job much more time-intensive, as we had to remove the defective resin. The finished product turned out beautifully!