When talk about saving “really cool” old boats, this boat qualifies nicely. This is a 1969 Sidewinder Runabout. We received this boat in original condition. The trailer for the boat is original also. These pictures represent how we go about a total hull restoration. We started by building jigs to turn the boat over. Once the boat is upside down, we removed  the very rotten transom. We built a new transom, installed it in the boat, and then re-attached the original fiberglass skin. We then moved on to the paint work on the bottom and sides of the hull. The owner wants a primary white hull with teal accent stripes. We are using PPG Concept urethane paint on this project. The bottom and sides are now completed, and we will be turning the boat back over to complete the restoration. Meanwhile the trailer has been receiving some much needed structural and bunk repairs. This work was performed by Scott’s friend, Steve Cocking, a master metal fabricator. We will add photos to this page as we complete this project.

SidewinderSidewinderSidewinder Sidewinder



 We turned the boat back over after completing the bottom, and inspected the engine stringer. Outboards of this generation have one stringer running right down the middle of the boat. We were not too surprised to find it as rotten as the transom. These pictures show us removing the stringer. We will build new parts and install them next.



This boat will be our next restoration. Talk about “really cool” this is a 1965 Stevens Flatbottom, in absolute original condition. We are going to paint this boat primary white, with gold metalflake accent stripes. The name of this boat will be “Goldfinger”